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Legendary Actor

Barry Bostwick is an American actor. He is best known for portraying Brad Majors in the musical comedy horror film The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) and Mayor Randall Winston in the sitcom Spin City (1996-2002). Bostwick has also had considerable success in musical theatre, winning a Tony Award for his role in The Robber Bridegroom.

Bostwick replaced C.C. Courtney in the musical Salvation. His next stage appearance was in the 1971 rock opera Soon, which closed after three performances. In 1972, Bostwick originated the role of bad boy Danny Zuko in the stage production of Grease, earning a Tony Award nomination for his performance. This was followed by a voice role as Terr in the English-dubbed version of Fantastic Planet in 1973. He later starred with Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) portraying the character of Brad Majors. He also won a Tony Award for his performance in the 1977 musical The Robber Bridegroom. In 1981, Bostwick starred in the TV series adaptation of the 1978 movie Foul Play, with his role modeled after Chevy Chase's and co-star Deborah Raffin in Goldie Hawn's part. The following year, he starred in Megaforce. Bostwick starred, along with Carl Weintraub, as Rick Armstrong in the short-lived ABC sitcom Dads during the 1986-87 season. From 1996 to 2002, Bostwick portrayed Randall Winston, the mayor of New York City in the sitcom Spin City opposite Michael J. Fox and his successor, Charlie Sheen. In 2006, Bostwick replaced Peter Scolari as Mr. Tyler, the father of Amanda Bynes's and Jennie Garth's lead characters, on What I Like About You.

Bostwick had a recurring role between 2004 and 2007 on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He has also had leading roles in various mini-series, including George Washington, its sequel George Washington II: The Forging of a Nation, Scruples, A Woman of Substance, War and Remembrance, and Till We Meet Again.

Bostwick served as host of the nationally televised annual Capitol Fourth celebration on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. for eight years. Bostwick was also seen in a Pepsi Twist commercial. In the Cold Case episode "Creatures of the Night," in which he is the main suspect, the theme of the episode revolves around The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is among his best-known performances to date.

In 2003, Bostwick appeared on Scrubs as a patient diagnosed with prostate cancer, a disease Bostwick had in real life. In 2008, he appeared in an episode of TV series Ugly Betty as an attorney to the Meade family. In 2007, Bostwick gained a recurring role, as Grandpa Clyde Flynn on the animated television series, Phineas and Ferb. Bostwick is also the spokesperson for Optimum Voice. In June 2009, he played Father Jimmy, the ineffective exorcist in the independent horror comedy The Selling, written by Gabriel Diani and directed by Emily Lou.

Other television credits include guest appearances in Charlie's Angels, Hawaii Five-O, The Golden Palace, Grace Under Fire, and Las Vegas.

Bostwick was supposed to appear on the third season of Private Practice as "the Captain," a father of the Addison Montgomery character, but had to resign due to a scheduling conflict. In 2011, Bostwick portrayed a small-town sheriff in the John Landis-produced thriller Some Guy Who Kills People

Bostwick at the premiere for Earth in April 2009 In October 2010, Bostwick briefly appeared in the Rocky Horror-themed Glee episode.

Since 2009, Bostwick has had a recurring role as Roger Frank on the sitcom Cougar Town which stars Courteney Cox. In season three of the show, we learn that Bostwick's character has become mayor of the town the comedy is set in, Gulf Haven. In 2015, he starred in Darren Lynn Bousman's segment of the anthology film Tales of Halloween, which was his second time acting under Bousman after The Devil's Carnival, and appeared in the comedy horror film Helen Keller vs. Nightwolves. In 2015, he portrayed Collin Winthrop, father of the Gig Harbor Killer, in the season-ending CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode "The End Game." He has also had a return to cult musical horror films in the form of Terrance Zdunich's Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival, which is a sequel to the 2012 short film The Devil's Carnival, of which he was not previously a cast member, being a newcomer to the franchise.

In 2020, Bostwick executive produced and starred in the short film Molly Robber as Ron Baker, which won an Audience Award at the 2020 Austin Film Festival and was an official selection at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival.


Michael McGreevey's first major role was as young cabin boy Chip Kessler in the 1959-61 TV series Riverboat. It starred Darren McGavin as the captain of a riverboat on the Mississippi River during the 1830s. In a 2015 interview, McGreevey confirmed the rumored friction between McGavin and his co-star Burt Reynolds: "They were just two very different personalities. I think that Burt was insecure. It was his first job in Hollywood and Darren was a very polished actor. It was Darren's show really--he was Captain Holden. I think Burt was a little jealous of Darren and they clashed quite a bit. What finally happened was that Burt left the show. But I loved them both. Darren was very much a father figure for me and Burt was like a big brother. He had been a football player at Florida State and I was impressed with that because I was into football. The first football I ever got--in fact, I've still got it--he got me. We used to play catch. I still see Burt every once in awhile. He still says: 'Don't tell people you were only 11 years old when we were on Riverboat.'"

Throughout the 1960s and early 1970s, McGreevey appeared in numerous episodes of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color and in Disney's Dexter Riley film series: The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969), Now You See Him, Now You Don't (1972), and The Strongest Man in the World (1975). Set at fictional Medfield College, these three films featured Kurt Russell as college student Dexter Riley and McGreevey as his friend Richard Schuyler.[4] McGreevey also appeared as a different character in the Disney films Snowball Express (1972) and The Shaggy D.A. (1976).

In addition to his Disney roles, McGreevey appeared as guest star in numerous television series, such as The Virginian, Bonanza, and Route 66. He also starred opposite Sally Field, Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum, and Richard Widmark in the 1967 western The Way West, which was based on an A. B. Guthrie, Jr. novel. He played a young pioneer named Brownie Evans, who marries Sally Field's character.

In 1978, after studying film at UCLA, Michael McGreevey collaborated with his father, John McGreevey, on the script for the 1978 made-for-TV movie Ruby and Oswald: "In reality, the movie, although it's called Ruby and Oswald, is a three-way depiction of those four days in Dallas where we cut back and forth between the documentary footage of Kennedy and the recreated story with Ruby and Oswald. Dad and I both knew a man named Alan Landsburg, who had done a lot of documentaries. We went to him with the project first and he knew Mel Stuart, who had done an Academy Award-winning documentary called Four Days in November (1964). So, Mel was attached to direct it and we went into CBS and sold it right away as a three-hour special event movie. I was very proud of that movie; it was very well done."

McGreevey subsequently wrote episodes of TV series such as The Waltons; Quincy, M.E.; and Fame. He eventually became a script editor and then creative consultant for Fame. In 1984, he received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing in Children's Programming for co-writing the ABC Afterschool Special "The Celebrity and the Arcade Kid". In 2015, he co-wrote the feature-length documentary Earl Hamner Storyteller, which focused on the life and career of The Waltons creator Earl Hamner, Jr.
GROGU "Baby Yoda"Puppeteers


TaMara Carlson-Woodard is a Los Angeles-based practical creature effects artist and performer, specialty costumer, and puppeteer.

Since 2018, she has worked in a galaxy far, far away as a puppeteer and suit performer on THE MANDALORIAN and THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT where she appeared as everyone's favorite blue, keyboard-playing Ortolan, Max Rebo.

TaMara is also part of the Emmy Award-winning team from Legacy Effects that brought Grogu (aka "Baby Yoda") to life via fabrication and puppeteering.

Additionally, she contributed to the creation and performances of Frog Lady, the Gamorrean Guards, and countless background creatures and droids.


Dawn Dininger is known for her role as the prisoner Rodian in the Book of Bobafett as well as the mom Rodian and the oboe playing Bith. She has puppeteered various characters in the Mandalorian series. The highlight being a part of the Grogu puppeteering team. Besides the Star Wars franchise, she has appeared as Monster Marie in One Mised Call. You may have also seen her performing in various commercials.
101 Dalmations


David Frankham (born 16 February 1926) is a British retired actor. After serving in India and Malaya in the Second World War, Frankham worked first as a news reader, and then a writer, interviewer and producer for the BBC from 1948 to 1955.

In 1955, Frankham moved to Hollywood to pursue a career as an actor. He soon found work, appearing on five episodes of the live television programme Matinee Theatre. He worked steadily in television, as well as appearing in films such as Return of the Fly (1959), Ten Who Dared (1960), Master of the World (1961), Tales of Terror (1962), The Spiral Road (1962), King Rat (1965), and The Great Santini (1979). Frankham provided the voice of Sergeant Tibbs the cat in Walt Disney's One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961).

He appeared in guest roles on American television from the late 1950s to the 1980s. His career peaked in the 1960s with frequent roles on such shows as Thriller, GE True, Twelve O'Clock High, The F.B.I., Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., The Beverly Hillbillies, The Outer Limits, Star Trek (episode "Is There in Truth No Beauty?"), then in Cannon, The Waltons, and McCloud during the 1970s.

In November 2012, Frankham's autobiography Which One Was David? was published by BearManor Media.
101 Dalmations


At only 18 months, she was a popular calendar model, posing with animals. By age two she was appearing in movies.

She had an agent before she was 3 years old, and soon thereafter she began appearing in films. Her income supported the three of them.

In 1951, Gibson was designated Miss Glamour in Miniature during ceremonies in Sun Valley.

During the 1950s and early 1960s, Gibson appeared in 34 films and approximately 200 television episodes. Her film debut came in I'll See You in My Dreams (1951).

Her last TV roles came as a teenage girlfriend in episodes of My Three Sons in the late 1960s. In 1957, she and child actress Evelyn Rudie played the daughters of John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara in The Wings of Eagles. Although they had some significant scenes, she and Rudie were not credited. The same year she was in the horror B movie The Monster That Challenged the World.

In 1958, Gibson portrayed Cary Grant's daughter - with Paul Petersen and Charles Herbert playing her brothers - in the romantic comedy Houseboat, which also starred Sophia Loren. Gibson said, "I'd like to be remembered for Houseboat. Houseboat was fun, wonderful and I loved it". After the film was completed, Loren gave Gibson a pendant with a houseboat on one side and "To Mimi from Sophia" on the other. Grant gave each of the children a $50 savings bond.

In 1961, Gibson appeared in The Children's Hour, based on the play by Lillian Hellman. Gibson played a schoolgirl at a small private school run by two friends portrayed by Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine who were falsely accused of being in a lesbian relationship which was somewhat risque for its time. Gibson said Hepburn was very nice to the girls, but that "Shirley MacLaine despised kids" and would not speak to them. That same year, in One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Gibson voiced the puppy named Lucky, alongside Mickey Maga, Barbara Baird, Sandra Abbot, and several other children. Gibson became known for this film for her line, "I'm tired and I'm hungry and my tail's froze...and my nose is froze and my ears are froze. And my toes are froze."

On television, Gibson appeared in five Playhouse 90 dramas and many episodes of The Red Skelton Show, as well as some episodes of Whirlybirds, and Leave it to Beaver.

Award-winning actor John O'Hurley has catapulted into one of television’s busiest and most versatile actor/show host, Broadway star, advertising hero as well as being a New York Times best-selling author and Billboard chart-topping composer. O'Hurley is best known as "J. Peterman" on "Seinfeld" which is now the #1 syndicated show in the world and can be seen in 85 countries. John won a Screen Actors Guild Award for his work on "Seinfeld". It was O'Hurley's unique portrayal of the wry and witty "J. Peterman" that led to dozens of advertising campaigns for companies earning him multiple advertising and marketing industry awards. Most recently he won Best Actor at the NY Television Festival for his performance in the title role of "The Tramp". He captured America's heart with his turn on Season 1 of "Dancing with the Stars," where he officially won the ABC series with the highly contested "Dance Off" and was named one of People Magazine's, "Sexiest Men Alive". O'Hurley is now the regular host of NBC Sports highest-rated yearly show, "The National Dog Show presented by Purina," a twenty-year-old Thanksgiving tradition to more than 30 million viewers, as well as The Beverly Hills Dog Show airing on NBC in Spring. He was also host of the long-time popular game shows "Family Feud" and "To Tell The Truth". One of the most recognizable voices in entertainment, he is the voice of many animated characters like King Neptune on "SpongeBob Square Pants" and the Mayor on Disney’s hit "Phineas and Ferb".

On Broadway and on stages across the country, he is best known for his many performances as King Arthur on Monty Python's "Spamalot" and his continuing portrayal of slick lawyer, Billy Flynn in the Broadway legend "Chicago", which earned him Best Actor status in the city of Chicago in 2011. His current one-man touring show, "A Man With Standards" was nominated as Broadway World's Best Celebrity Show.

As a composer/pianist, both of his albums "Secrets From The Lake" and "Peace Of Our Minds" have reached the Billboard charts. His three books have all been Amazon and New York Times Best Sellers.

His unusual versatility as both entertainer and businessman continues to be the focus of many features in magazines like Business Week, Time and INC. Magazines. In addition, life imitates art for him as John is now the business partner of the J. Peterman Company, along with the real J. Peterman. He is the co-founder of Energy-Inc., which has created a unique waste-to-energy technology used internationally.

In 2012, he was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in recognition for his accomplishments in the Arts and Philanthropy

John lives in Beverly Hills with his wife Lisa and their son, William.

Kerry answered an audition call during the planning stages of the animated feature film Peter Pan. The audition, supervised by animator Marc Davis, required her to pantomime the motions that would be used as live-action reference for the animation of Tinker Bell. As Tinker Bell was to be non verbal, her movements would be integral, and Davis sought a dancer that could help embody the character. Kerry won the part and spent six months at the Disney Studios on a mostly empty sound stage pantomiming the part. The studios provided props, notably a giant keyhole mounted on a stand as well as a pair of giant scissors, used in the scene where Tinker Bell became trapped in a jewelry box. Kerry also provided the voice and reference movements of the red-haired mermaid in the Neverland lagoon scene.

Born as Peggy Lynch, in Springfield, Illinois, she was adopted at three years old and moved to Los Angeles. Her first role, at age 4, was as a fairy in the 1935 film A Midsummer Night's Dream directed by Max Reinhardt. She worked under her real name as a dancer and actor in three of the Our Gang comedy shorts.

Kerry served as a camera double for Elizabeth Taylor in film National Velvet at MGM.[8][9] She attracted the attention of Eddie Cantor, who cast her in the role of his teenage daughter in the film If You Knew Susie. Cantor thought Lynch needed a more theatrical-sounding name to be more noticeable as an actor, so she officially became Margaret Kerry. She graduated from high school with honors while working on the film and would later graduate cum laude from Los Angeles City College.

Kerry as a teenager played the role of "Sharon" in the first network sitcoms, The Ruggles, on ABC-TV. The show's farewell episode at the end of its three-year run featured Sharon's wedding and honeymoon. Kerry also appeared in two episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, and a 1950 episode of The Lone Ranger. A voiceover performer with twenty-one dialects and forty-eight character voices, Kerry provided voices on 52 episodes of the groundbreaking children's television show, Clutch Cargo, including characters "Paddlefoot" and "Spinner". She provided numerous voices and live-action lead-ins for The New Three Stooges and Space Angel animated series for Cambria Productions.

In 1988, Moscow played the young Josh Baskin in Big, in which his character was magically transformed into an adult played by Tom Hanks. Moscow landed the role of David Jacobs in the 1992 filmed version of the musical Newsies, co-starring opposite Christian Bale. Moscow also appears in a leading role opposite Jessica Alba in the film Honey and has starred on several network television series including Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane. He was also featured on the television series Seinfeld as the character Lomez Jr in the episode "The Van Buren Boys".

He has also appeared in leading roles on Broadway, including Artie in the production What's Wrong with This Picture at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. Moscow ran A Theater Co. in New York alongside actors Tom Everett Scott and Michael Kelly.

Moscow also co-developed and co-produced Lin-Manuel Miranda's first production of In the Heights with his ex-fiance, actress Kerry Washington.

As a producer, his 2012 project, Hellbenders, was acquired by Lionsgate for North American and foreign distribution; and his film, the psychological thriller Desolation, was his directorial debut and was partially funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign. Desolation has already been screened and honored at film festivals around the world including the Wroclaw Festival in Poland. Recent producing projects include Sylvio, The Jingoist, Blind, Easy Living and Thirst Street. He launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund post-production with a video reenactment of the Zoltar "wish" scene from Big. The campaign raised more than $70,000.

Moscow has a long history as an activist, which began in 1992 after dropping out of college to track wolves for the Round River Conservations Studies. He also built a mixed income green housing facility in Harlem in 2006. In 2007, the magazine Time Out New York reported Moscow's involvement in developing sustainable and economic housing in Harlem.

C. Andrew Nelson is an award winning artist, actor, writer, producer, and public speaker. Andrew spent four years as a visual effects artist at Industrial Light & Magic with credits that include Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Galaxy Quest, Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, The Perfect Storm, Jurassic Park III, The Time Machine, and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Prior to joining ILM, Andrew worked nearly six years at LucasArts Entertainment Company where he served as a visual effects supervisor. At LucasArts he helped create and design such popular games as Dark Forces, Rebel Assault II, Full Throttle, The Dig, Jedi Knight, Curse of Monkey Island, Masters of Teras Kasi, Shadows of the Empire, Rogue Squadron, and Indiana Jones & the Infernal Machine. Andrew has worked extensively with sister companies Lucasfilm Ltd., Lucas Learning, Lucas Licensing, and THX.

Andrew is probably best known for having portrayed the character of Darth Vader for film, television, games, commercials, print, and live appearances including the Special Edition re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy as well as in the Rebel Assault II and Dark Forces games from LucasArts. With over twelve years as the iconic Dark Lord, he has managed to spend more time in the official Vader costume than any other actor.

Beyond his tenure with the Lucas companies, C. Andrew Nelson is a consulting VFX supervisor and art director for some of the top effects, animation, and post-production facilities in the U.S. His credits include Rocky Balboa, The Last Mimzy, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Rush Hour 3, Enchanted, The Kite Runner, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Jumper, Race to Witch Mountain, and Witness 11. Andrew also served two terms on the Board of Directors of the Visual Effects Society.

No stranger to academia, for several years Andrew took on the role of Visual Effects Director for the School of Animation & Visual Effects at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. At the university, he presided over the school’s visual effects curriculum and trained the next generation of VFX artists who are now working throughout the industry. Andrew routinely consults for various networks, studios, and developers such as Disney, MTV, Nickelodeon, PBS, Fox, Hasbro, EA, and others.

When not at a workstation conjuring up images for motion pictures and television or speaking on the lecture circuit, Andrew can be found in front of the camera or behind a microphone. Andrew has appeared in numerous feature films, TV series, commercials, and print ads. He has shot national spots for ESPN, Wal-Mart, M&Ms, Taco Bell, and Kenner. Andrew is also a much sought after voiceover artist having lent his vocal talents to many games, animated films, and interactive multimedia projects, even supplying the voice of Luke Skywalker for multiple LucasArts games, which makes him the first actor to officially portray both Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. He currently co-produces and directs full-cast audio dramas with his business partner Jerry Cornell and their company Adventurous Ideas, LLC.

Andrew and his wife Veronica Loud - a gifted actress, voiceover artist, singer, model, and photographer - live in the San Francisco Bay Area with their daughter and son.


Former member of The Mickey Mouse Club, Marc Worden, continues the path of journeyman actor in Los Angeles with appearances in dramatic and comedic film and television roles including CSI: NY, Six Feet Under, Malibu Country, The Maker, NYPD Blue, Big Love, The Lesser Evil, According to Jim, The Mentalist and Star Trek: DS9.
He also lends his voice talents to animation and video games including Iron Man/Tony Stark in The Ultimate Avengers I & II, The Invincible Iron Man and Planet Hulk, Sturm Brightblade in Dragonlance, Trapshadow in Skylanders and Deacon Blackfire in Batman: Arkham Knight.


*The All New Mickey Mouse Club
*NYPD Blue
*Star Trek: DS9
*Iron Man/Tony Stark in The Ultimate Avengers I & II
*The Invincible Iron Man and Planet Hulk
* Deacon Blackfire in Batman: Arkham Knight.


Voice of "Pearl" on Cartoon Network's, Steven Universe as well as voices on Netflix's Trese & Dogs In Space.
Theater credits: "Kim" Miss Saigon (Broadway, 2nd US National & Asian Tours), "Nessarose" Wicked (1st US National Tour & San Francisco Co.), "Diana" Next To Normal (EWP), If/Then (Broadway & US National Tour), "Donna" Mamma Mia (WTP Guam).
TV & Film: Original cast of Disney Channel's "All New Mickey Mouse Club", Goliath, Greys Anatomy, Third Watch, Dellaventura, Rear Window, Face, Sister Act 2.
Recordings: 4 albums with Hollywood Record's pop group, "The Party" & co-founder of mommy singing group, "Mama Bares". Happy wife & mommy of 2 boys. Grateful to God for every blessing, family, friends & the opportunity to do what I love. All glory to God!
Instagram: @deedeemagnohallofficial Twitter: @DeedeeMagnoHall & @Mama_Bares


*The All New Mickey Mouse Club
*Sister Act 2 – Back in the Habit
*90'sDisney Group and Pop Sensation "TheParty"
*Voice of "Pearl" In Cartoon Network's "Steven Universe"


Chasen got his start at age 11 on The Disney Channel as a Series Regular and eventual Co-Host of the 90's All New Mickey Mouse Club. By age 14, he had signed to Hollywood Records releasing 5 albums with the 90’s pop group "The Party". The group toured the world with Taylor Dayne, Color Me Badd, Vanilla Ice and Hi-Five and was produced by all- stars such as Teddy Riley, Dr Dre, Delicious Vinyl and Pharrell. He can be seen as a guest star on shows such as X-Files, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, 7th Heaven, USA High & The Rules of Attraction.
His voice can be heard on some of the world's biggest brands like Coca- Cola, Pepsi, Disney, Expedia, 7/11 and Kia as well as singing backgrounds for some of Hollywood's elite. He is the founder of CHASENLIFE LLC, program director of Always In The Club and was recently a featured entrepreneur in Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global Magazine for his charity work with his fellow 'Teers. As a Singer/Songwriter/Producer his many releases over the years can be heard & found on all digital platforms.
Chasen attended Berklee School of Music for Artist Management and enjoys traveling the country consulting new artists and mentoring young performers in the entertainment industry. A number of his students have gone on to play The Tonight Show, Coachella, earn Billboard Music Awards & proudly display RIAA platinum record awards. Music education, giving back and healing through music is a calling and will always be a part of his story.

Notable Career Highlights

*All New Mickey Mouse Clup
*90's Hit Pop Group "The Party"
*X Files
*Buffy The Vampire Slayer
*Sabrina The Teenage Witch
*7th Heaven


Jennifer McGill began her career as a Mouseketeer on The Disney Channel's New Mickey Mouse Club and has been a professional entertainer for over 30 years, performing all over the world with artists including Christina Aguilera, American Idol’s Danny Gokey & Diana Degarmo, Carman, John Bettis, Celine Dion, Donnie McClurken, Boyz II Men, Ryan Gosling, Tony Lucca, Alanis Morissette, Keri Russell, Nicole Scherzinger, Michael W. Smith, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Vanessa Williams.
After graduating With Honors from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Jennifer returned to Disney World to perform in the acapella group "American VYBE" (musically directed by Deke Sharon, vocal arranger for the Pitch Perfect movies and NBC's The Sing-Off), as well as to coach high school choral groups for "Disney's Magic Music Days". Jennifer was the featured recording artist on the "My Boyfriend's Back" movie soundtrack (courtesy of Walt Disney Records). Most recently, Jennifer was the featured artist on the finale theme song of A&E's Intervention, released her debut full-length solo album "Unbreakable", and has been interviewed on Fox News and The 700 Club. Jennifer also speaks and sings at church and women's events across America.
Jennifer is a speaker, singer, songwriter, worship leader, vocal and performance coach, video editor, actress, script writer and vocal producer with over 30 years of international live performance experience. Jennifer has coached recording artists in vocal, studio recording, live performance, virtual concert and stage touring techniques, and has taught private voice lessons (in person and virtually) for over 20 years (competitions, auditions, recording artists, musicals, workshops, personal/stage confidence). Her clients include Martha Munizzi (Grammy nominated, Dove/Stellar Award- winning international gospel recording artist), Tejai Sullivan (international Michael Jackson tribute artist), Abigail Duhon (soundtrack artist/actress: God's Not Dead, God's Not Dead 2, I'm Not Ashamed), The Rubyz (recording artists for iShine) and Chelsea Turbin ("American Idiot" Broadway Tour, "Little Shop of Horrors" Off Broadway).
Jennifer is the President of the leading premiere artist preparatory company, PCG Artist Development. Jennifer's current projects focus on teaching, inspiring and encouraging all generations to live with genuine purpose and to train recording artists to be fully authentic and whole from the inside out.


*The All New Mickey Mouse Club
*American Vybe



David has been seen in Disney's "The All-New Mickey Mouse Club", "Sister Act 2 - Back In The Habit", ABC's "Rhythm and Jam", and has been featured in CW's One Tree Hill, and MTV’s pop parody "2Gether" as a singer. He was also formerly signed as a recording artist to Dreamworks records and Redzone Entertainment.
David is also an award-winning producer, composer, singer, and songwriter who focuses on modern music genres for television, film, and radio and with numerous recognizable brands including Disney, Carl's Jr. restaurants, Cox Communications, Got Milk Campaign featuring Chris Bosch and Apollo Ono, Vlado Shoes, EA Sports, and more and has produced and composed music for projects on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, ESPN, Showtime, Lifetime, and Hallmark, including movies such as Gnome Alone starring Becky G, Charming starring Demi Lovato, and many others.
Instagram: davidkaterofficial Website:

Notable Career Highlights

*All New Mickey Mouse Club
*Sister Act 2 - Back In The Habit
*Broadway's Miss Saigon
*Music for Gnome Alone on Netflix
*Music for Charming on Netflix
*Featured in One Tree Hill


Mylin Brooks-Stoddard has been in the entertainment business for 25 years as a singer and actress. Her career included starring for 3 years on the Disney Channel's All New Mickey Mouse Club series, appearing in several other TV series and feature films, and releasing 7 albums, 4 on an international major record label.
Mylin has topped multiple international radio charts. She's toured the world, performing in major arenas and theaters, played 11 shows at U.S. military bases in support of the troops, and shared stages with Maren Morris, Nick Lachey, Patti LaBelle, and at President Bill Clinton's inauguration.
She's had multiple brand partnerships, including a 3-year cosmetics deal distributed in 3,000 Walmarts across the U.S.
Mylin has been featured in dozens of major media outlets, including on CNN, in People magazine, on the E! Channel and A&E Network.
She currently produces and co-hosts a YouTube show with her former Mickey Mouse Club castmate, Deedee-Magno Hall called, "The All Things My-Dee Show," as well as teaches and online-webinar called "The Thriving Entertainment Career For God Roadmap."

Notable Career Highlights

*The All New Mickey Mouse Club


Adam Basil is one of the world's leading physical actors!

He’s part of the DISNEY franchise playing roles from "The Beast" in BEAUTY & THE BEAST and "Baloo" in MOWGLI: LEGEND OF THE JUNGLE! He is also the lead "Death Trooper" in ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY. Plus for MARVEL he portrayed both "Venom" & "Carnage" in VENOM 2! He has over 80 film and TV credits to his name including DC's JUSTICE LEAGUE, DOCTOR WHO, GAME OF THRONES, 24, WONDER WOMAN and more.


Skyler, Unfortunatly has to cancil his appearance due to filming



Aidan Bertola, born December 30th 2008, is the young actor famously known for playing the Young Mandalorian in three episodes of "The Mandalorian." Aidan states that playing the young version of Pedro Pascal's character was a dream for him. He feels blessed to have been a part of such a huge franchise. Aidan also guest starred in 9-1-1: Lone Star as "Tomas," where his performance helped him land a nomination for a Young Artist Award, A.P. Bio, and a variety of other short film/TV projects. Aidan's career is just starting out! He is constantly auditioning and in search of his next huge role.
Disney Author


Jeff Baham is the founder of and the Mousetalgia podcast., founded in 1997, has been credited by many inside and outside of the Disney company as the leading source of news about the Haunted Mansion attraction, and Mousetalgia has been called the best Disneyland-centric podcast by the industry-leading "Unofficial Guide to Disneyland" for nine years in a row.

"I'm a monster kid, born in the '60s, growing up in the suburbs just a quick bike ride from the dime store," Baham explains when asked why he started a Haunted Mansion website over two decades ago. "The three weeks or so of the Haunted House season - starting the day in October that the costumes, masks and make-up hit the drugstore shelves - were the highlight of each year. I can distinctly remember the gleeful aroma of a new Ben Cooper plastic Halloween mask on my face to this day. More importantly, I also always owned a copy of Disneyland Records' "The Story and Song from The Haunted Mansion." In fact, I went through a number of copies of "The Haunted Mansion," because I had a tendency to trace the pictures in the read-along book, often with the vinyl still in the gatefold."

Baham founded the Mousetalgia Podcast in 2008. Mousetalgia is a west coast-based audio show about Disneyland and Disney history, broadcasting a new episode every Monday. Alongside co-hosts Dave and Becky Breiland and Kristen Pfeifer, the group discusses the latest news at the Disneland Resort and interviews Disney legends, authors and artists each week. The podcast recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and 500th episode.

In 2014, Baham wrote "The Unauthorized Story of Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion" published by Theme Park Press, which reached the "Top Seller" ranking in the "Theme Parks" category on Academy Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water, Crimson Peak) writes of the book: "Having delved into Disney lore for decades and been immersed in the Haunted Mansion world since age 3, I thought I knew pretty much everything there was to know about my favorite ride ever. I was wrong. Prepare to be enchanted, bewildered and mesmerized by this beat-by-beat account of the Haunted Mansion's creation. A haunted tour that is both scholarly and thrilling. An "E" ticket ride to the darkest, most glorious regions of Disney's imagination!" Imagineer (and original Haunted Mansion designer) Rolly Crump wrote the foreword, and Disney Legend Floyd Norman wrote the introduction. The book is available at

Documentary Film Maker


In 2007, Theme Parkology was established with its first documentary, Disneyland 1955-1959. The disc covered the history and changes of Walt Disney's famed park through its first 5 years.

Fast forward to 2018 and theme Parkology has over 40 DVDs in 8 different categories;

The Theme Park Series - Frontier Village, Universal Studio, Disneyland 1955-1959, Disneyland 1960-1969, Disneyland 1970-1979, Disneyland 1980-1989, Disneyland 1990-1999, Fantasyland from Past to Present, Walt Disney World: The Magic Kingdom

The Land Series - Fantasyland Ride-Thru

The Attraction Series - The Jungle Cruise, The Enchanted Tiki Room, Indiana Jones Adventure, The Haunted Mansion, The Pirates of the Caribbean, The Country Bear Jamboree, Tom Sawyer Island, Rivers of America, Storybook Land Canal Boats, It's A Small World, Matterhorn Bobsled, Autopia, The Monorail, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster, Tower of Terror, The Phantom Manor

The Forgotten Attraction Series - The Submarine Voyage, The Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland, Rocket to the Moon with The Flying Saucers, Carousel of Progress, The Skyway

The Dark Ride Series - Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and to be released at Mouse-Con, Peter Pan's Flight

Theme Parkology Presents - The Enchanted Secrets of Disneyland, The Main Street Electrical Parade

The Character Series - Tinker Bell: The Secrets Behind the Pixie Dust, Jiminy Cricket: The Journey Through Conscience, Just Goofin' Around, Betty Boop: What A Gal

Theme Parkology Audio CD - The Haunted Mansion

Many of these documentaries feature an interview with such Disney personalities as; Margaret Kerry (original Tinker Bell reference model), Eddie Carroll (voice of Jiminy Cricket), Bill Farmer (voice of Goofy), Ron Schneider (actor and Puppeteer), Tom Nabbe (Disney Imagineer and Actor), Bob Gurr (Disney Legend and Imagineer), Rolly Crump (Disney Legend and Imagineer), Terri Hardin (Disney Imagineer/Puppeteer), Garner Holt (Audio-Animatronic Builder), Alan Coats (Disney Imagineer), Ben Colcol (Disney Imagineer).

And I just started a new Theme Parkology Magazine which focuses on the behind the scene stories within the world of Theme Parkology and features special guest contributing to various articles.


James C Mulligan was attending the University of California, Los Angeles, as a theater major when he was hired to work in the art department of the Walt Disney Company. His projects there include concept design for both characters and theme park shows and attractions. Mulligan now spends a great deal of his time creating fine art for icons such as the Elvis Presley estate, Chuck Jones characters, Disney, Buck Rogers, and Tarzan.


Rick Law is a producer, filmmaker, creative director, and illustrator who has worked in Hollywood for 3 decades, and with The Walt Disney Company for over 24 years. His work has spanned across all forms of popular entertainment media: films, TV, music, theme park, print, toys, and video games.

Over the course of his diverse career as a content creator for the mouse his artwork has appeared on the covers of Disney VHS & DVDs; he's been a story contributor; and created or developed a myriad of products for the company and it's licensees. Rick was a creative lead in the design & launch of Disney English in China, and also a consultant in the creation of the Shanghai Disney Resort. As Creative Manager for Disney Learning, his responsibilities involved creative oversight of all educational products globally, such as the first series designed for communicatively challenged children. He's been instrumental in fostering projects respective of animation and the Disney legacy including the current Walt Disney Family Museum exhibition: Awakening Beauty: The Art of Eyvind Earle.

Some of his many Disney credits include: Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas; One Hundred and One Dalmatians; The Black Cauldron; Mulan; Lion King II: Simba's Pride; The Adventures of Ichabod & Toad; Tinker Bell; Rescuers Down Under; Piglet's Big Movie; Winnie The Pooh: Springtime For Roo; Tarzan & Jane; Madeline: Lost In Paris; Air Buddies; Snow Buddies; and Space Buddies


The Disney Universe Podcast is a bi-weekly show talking about topics from the all over the Disney company along with it's many IPs such as Pixar, LucasFilm, Marvel, Muppets, 20th Century Studios, and more. Plus YouTube content at Disney Universe TV



Combining the talents of people from Disney, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Marvel, and all throughout the entertainment industry, Adventurous Ideas is a new production company creating mind-blowing full cast audio dramas. During this panel the founders of Adventurous Ideas, Jerry Cornell and C. Andrew Nelson, along with Courtney Shaffer, Jason Braden and Veronica Dempsey, will be previewing their upcoming slate of releases including "Heroes of Extinction", "Dark Park", "Extinguished Worlds", "Caladon", and so many other fascinating and intriguing tales. Joining Jerry & Andrew for the panel will be several of the Adventurous Ideas cast and crew to discuss their projects and the production process behind these stories that are sure to delight and entertain you. As their company motto states, all great stories begin with Adventurous Ideas!

Hear from our Amazing Mouseketeer guests Marc Warden, Deedee Magno Hall, Chasen Hampton, Jennifer McGill, David Kater and Mylin Brooks-Stoddard and hear some of the fun adventures of working as a Mouseketeer.

Ghost Host Jeff Baham, the founder of and the Mousetalgia Podcast, will take you on a tour through the twists and turns of popular culture that both impacted and were impacted by Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion. We will also have time for a Q&A about the Haunted Mansion's history, so bring your most pressing questions! panelav: HDMI projector with a sound system and a mic would be great.

A great actor and star of so many TV/Movie/Broadway shows, This is the chance to hear from Brad Majors himself (Rocky Horror Picture Show) and have a Q/A afterwards

Margaret Kerry is a Disney Legend and we will have a chamnce to hear her story of working with the Amazing Marc Davis to staring on Andy Griffith, A life in the world of Entertainment

Come help cheer on the folks in Costume and have some fun in our 3rd Annual Mouse-Con Costume Contest


Yup! Its official! We will be having a Disney Costume/Cosplay contest.

That's Right Fans.. Come dressed up as your favorite Disney Cartoon/Live Action Princess, Hero or Villain! As always we encourage Cosplay and Costumes... but this year we are going to Have a Prize for the best ones. All Costumes will be Judged by Our Celebrity and Artist Guests.

We will have multiple Prizes for Multiple Categories
Prizes Include...
Adult: Best Costume 1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Adult: Fan Favorite 1st Place

Children: (15 & Under) 1st Place
2nd & 3rd Place
Children: Fan Favorite 1st Place

NO: Nudity or Heckling
Costumes can be home made and store bought
Extra points for creativity
Props can be used, Be respectful of others
Must registered the day of show. Sign up at the Registration.
Must be a paid attendee of the convention.
Children's category is for ages 15 and under.
Adult's category is for ages 16 and up.
Couples costumes or group costumes will be counted as one entry.

At (about) 4:00 pm, (After the Costume Contest) Come take pictures with the Fans, and EVERYONE IN COSTUME is invited to take a group "photo shoot" to be used on the MOUSE-CON website and Face Book for all to see.

2023 MOUSE-CON T-Shirt

Don't forget to pick up your official Mouse-Con T-Shirt. And the T-Shirt will only be $10 each ($12 for 2X and 3X).


There will be exhibitors/dealers from all over selling everything from Disneyland, Disneyana, Disney Toys, Disney art and Limited Editions, Movie Posters, Figurines and of course...Pins! All exhibitors will have a minimum of 50% "Classic" Disney/Disneyland/Disneyana

And MORE to Come!

So keep checking this website for more details


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